Investigation of Seiche Oscillations in the Adjacent Bays by the Example of the Sevastopol and the Quarantine Bays  id статьи: 695
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Purpose. The paper is aimed at studying the seiche structure in the adjacent bays' system of real configuration. Methods and Results. The response of the Sevastopol and Quarantine bays (Black Sea) to sea level fluctuations set at the open boundary of the computational domain has been studied. A number of random harmonics within the range of the eigen periods of these bays were used as fluctuations. The ADCIRC numerical model was applied for simulating. The numerical experiments were performed for three ranges obtained from the analytical estimates: 30-52, 8-30 and 1-15 min. The energy-bearing periods of seiche oscillations were revealed for both bays. The mutual influence of these bays was also studied. Conclusions. The above mentioned wave disturbances lead to generation of the seiche oscillations in the bays. For the Sevastopol Bay, their periods are 48, 22, 16, 10 and 6 min, for the Quarantine Bay - 11.4 and 4.8 min. The number of the generated modes is determined by the interval of the wave disturbance periods. The bays have a mutual influence on each other due to the wave energy exchange through their entrances. At that intensity of the eigen modes of the Sevastopol Bay penetrating the Quarantine Bay can exceed intensity of those of the Quarantine Bay. In both bays, the seiches with the largest amplitudes are induced by the disturbances, the periods of which are in the interval 30-52 min.
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Sevastopol Bay, Quarantine Bay, seiches, resonant oscillations, numerical modeling, ADCIRC numerical model
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2020-09-29 12:04:05
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