The Black Sea oceanographic web GIS interface new developments  id статьи: 706
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Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering

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The recent new developments for updating the user interface (UI) of the Black Sea oceanographic database are described in the current work. The developments dedicated to the use of new techniques at the base of WebG, for the visualization of the Black Sea oceanographic data and the online data access functions and features. The updated Black Sea oceanographic database is realized in two parts using the PostgreSQL. The first part of the database, which is responsible for accessing the metadata was designed and developed for interactive transaction processing (OLTP access template). The second part, which is responsible for the in-situ data archiving was developed following the "star"architecture. The latter is typical for the OLAP access template. The selection of the WebGL for the updated Black Sea UI is based on the advantages in using the modern technology for data visualization and analysis. The WebGL provides fast visualization of geographic objects at the user browser using GPU. Therefore, the previous implemented Mapserver for the Black Sea oceanographic GIS has been abandoned in favor of the WebGL. The updated UI of the Black Sea Oceanographic database includes a main menu, providing access to several online friendly user functions. The UI provides access to the data through several filters/criteria, such as the cruise name, date of cruise, ship name, sea area, hydrological and hydrochemical parameters, etc. The selected data are provided in the form of maps, profiles and metadata. © 2020 SPIE
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Black Sea, GIS, mapBox GL, Oceanographic database, Online data access, PostgreSQL/PostGIS
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2020-09-29 14:50:19
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