Calculation of the turbulent exchange intensity in the sea upper homogeneous layer  id статьи: 857
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The results of experimental studies of the intensity of turbulent exchange in the upper homogeneous layer of the sea and the comparison of field measurements with various models are discussed. Experimental data were collected on a stationary oceanographic platform in the coastal zone of the Black Sea under varied hydrometeorological conditions. A fairly complete set of equipment provided the measurement of basic hydrophysical characteristics (including pulsating values) and background meteorological and hydrological parameters. The turbulent energy dissipation rate was determined from the pulsation spectra of the vertical velocity component using the Kolmogorov hypothesis. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the influence of the most important mechanisms of turbulence generation, with the completeness of accounting and adequate parameterization of which the objectivity of any model is associated. For verification, we used the well-known models of turbulent exchange for the surface layer of the sea, including the multiscale model of one of the authors of this work. It is noted that the multiscale model, which takes into account the three main mechanisms of turbulence generation, most accurately describes the depth distribution of the dissipation rate in a fairly wide range of hydrometeorological conditions. Its advantage over other models is most pronounced in strong winds, in stormy weather. It is shown that taking into account the actually measured characteristics of the waves and the shear of flow velocity improves the consistency of the multiscale model with experiment. © The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2021.
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Field experiments, Marine boundary layer, Model verification, Multiscale model, Turbulent energy dissipation, Turbulent exchange
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2021-03-17 15:54:47
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