Investigation of seasonal changes in water temperature in lake part of Gorky Reservoir in 2018 based on in situ measurements and high-resolution satellite images [Исследование сезонного изменения температуры воды озёрной части Горьковского водохранилища в 2018 г. по данным in situ измерений и спутниковым изображениям высокого разрешения]  id статьи: 917
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Sovremennye Problemy Distantsionnogo Zondirovaniya Zemli iz Kosmosa

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страницы 216 - 229
Molkov, A.A.
Grechushnikova, M.G.
Kapustin, I.A.
Leshchev, G.V.
Grishchenko, M.Y.
The main goal of current investigation is the analysis of spatio-temporal variability of water temperature in dam area of the Gorky Reservoir from May to October 2018 using ship measurements and Landsat-8/OLI images. Here we demonstrate variability of the vertical gradient of water temperature and its dependence on meteorological conditions in different parts of the water study area. Also, the seasonal spatial variability of water surface temperature is analyzed and examples of its retrieval by satellite images are presented. Accuracy of such retrieval was obtained for different parts of the reservoir and depending on meteorological conditions. Based on these results, we concluded that it is necessary to carefully use in-situ data obtained later than satellite imagery, taking into account the spatial and temporal variability of water temperature, which depends on synoptic conditions and the phase of the water reservoir regime. Presented results can be useful in analysis of archived satellite images to retrieve interannual and seasonal variability of water temperature with a high spatial resolution on scales exceeding the capabilities of traditional station measurements. © 2021 Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. All rights reserved.
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orky reservoir, andsat-8, emote sensing, atellite monitoring, ater temperatur
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2021-05-24 15:52:45
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